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Bisse du Ro

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11.62 km

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Long ago, the Bisse du Ro had its source in the Ertenze Valley, and flowed towards Crans-Montana bringing water needed for crops. Today, you will most likely do this walk leaving the resort heading up to the Rawyl Dam.

The route, which has now been made completely safe, was hewn out of rocks in the first half of the XVth century. A true source of life, it was painstakingly looked after by villagers until 1946, when a water tunnel was inaugurated. In order to conserve this route for tourists, the Montana development society decided to attend to its upkeep. Once away from the bisse, you?ll discover the Valley of Ertenze, a wild and rugged place where only a few alpine pastures can be found. If you?re lucky, you might perhaps meet a shepherd who will let you taste his excellent raclette cheese. Your hike ends at the Rawyl Dam, this impressive construction whose job is to collect water from the melting snow as well as producing electricity by turbines. From this spot, it is possible to return to Crans-Montana by public transport. This steep route is not advised for those scared of heights.

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