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Cave Les Sentes

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Cave Les Sentes

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Cave Les Sentes

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It was the priest Hermann Salamin who laid the first foundations of the building that today houses the Cave Les Sentes. When the Heymoz family first bought the property in 1999, they kept all the charm of the original carnotzet with its old beams and larch floorboards, and its huge fireplace which was converted into a raclette oven. In the cellar, modern winemaking techniques using stainless steel are combined with barrel aging. Serge Heymoz likes traditional varieties, but he also likes Rèze, an excellent ethnic wine. Welcome to this place for sharing and discovering wine.
Brands representing
Vins rouges: Gamay, Entre-Deux-Torrents, Pinot Noir, Humagne Rouge, Syrah, Sentes Rouges / Vins Blancs : Fendant, Johannisberg, Chardonnay, Petite Arvine, Ermitage, Muscat, Rèze, Heida, Sentes Blanches, Malvoisie, Sentes Nobles
Additional services
Visits and wine-tasting on request
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