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History and architecture walk

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History and architecture walk

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History and architecture walk

Route de la Combaz 2

3963 Crans-Montana


Montana or the birth of the resort.


Everything is possible in Crans-Montana, even historical visits, although the resort is only just over one hundred years old. 125 years to be precise !


We start with the architectural core of Montana around the funicular, where we’ll talk about the politics of the resort, stemming from a complex history of six communes, four of which have merged. Then, we’ll head to the Bernese Clinic to admire the architecture of Jean-Marie Ellenberger, an architect who made his mark on the identity of the resort with his Supercrans Tower in Vermala.


Inside the clinic, the immense Hans Erni fresco will surprise more than a few people ! Then we’ll continue towards Montana Church, to look at Jean-Marie Ellenberger’s architecture in a different way, as he renovated the church in 1952. Inside, the world of Paul Monnier’s stained glass windows unfolds, magic emanating from his coloured glass. Next we’ll discuss the Ycoor Ice Rink and its large public area, as we head to the Allée Katherine Mansfield, and end our route at the Hôtel du Parc, the first hotel in the resort. The grand panorama and views over the resort of Crans will give us an opportunity to briefly look at the history of Crans, which will be the subject of another guided visit soon. Old photographs belonging to Dr Théodore Stephani (1868-1951), a doctor from Geneva and founder of Montana as a health resort, paint a picture of the Crans-Montana of yesteryear, and of its geographical and heritage resources. The doctor’s photographs are a starting point for this route which looks at the depictions and evolution of the resort’s urbanisation, and its illustrious figures such as the painter Ferdinand Hodler (1853-1918), the writer Katherine Mansfield (1888-1923) and the designer Jean-Marie Thorembert.


Guided walk by Sylvie Doriot Galofaro, Ethnologist and Dr of Art History. Author of two books about Crans-Montana and founder of, Facebook


Duration: 2:30 - easy walk
Number of participants: minimum 10


Meeting time and place : 10.00, Montana Funicular Station.


Price : CHF 20.-/person.


Registration on request / +41 (0)78 862 76 13 

Opening hours
10:00 - 12:30

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