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The history and role of the bisse

At the letter R at the Bisse du Rho, meet Jacky Bagnoud, whose life has always been closely linked to water. He tells you how the Bisse du Rho was constructed, and about its use.

Jacky Bagnoud

Jacky Bagnoud was born in Icogne in December 1936. After primary school, which at that time lasted from November to the end of April, he found himself aged 15 wielding a pick and shovel as a building worker in order to help put food on the family table. So he was by no means predestined for a 32 year long political mandate, progressing from councillor to vice-president, then president of the commune of Icogne, and completing his career as president of the Coordination Commission for the Haut-Plateau Communes. A dedicated and passionate sportsman, he was a founding member and president of La Lienne-Icogne Ski Club, in charge of the youth (OJ) section. At 82, he still spends some sixty days of the year on skis, and covers over 10,000 km on his bike. He has however given up tennis.

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Bisse du Rho

Built in the 14th Century, the Bisse du Rho was completely channelled into pipes in the 20th Century, and today offers a magnificent walk between Crans-Montana and the Rawyl Dam.

The 125 years project

Sylvie Doriot Galofaro, Samuel Bonvin and Martial Kamerzin will tell you more about the 125 years project and the history of the resort.

The hike

My Explorer Card

From the first night you spend in Crans-Montana, you’ll receive your very own advantage card and enjoy lots of free activities. Cable cars, transport, swimming pool, mini golf, pedalos, … explore Crans-Montana and its mountains like never before.

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