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09-06-2019 - 28-03-2020 Exhibition: Before Time Began, contemporary Aboriginal art

Fondation Opale aims to offer a permanent exchange between Aboriginal art and contemporary art.

11-07-2019 - 29-08-2019 Terrace Festival

Every thursday, discover one of Crans-Montana' terraces, animated by a pop-up concert.

18-07-2019 - 22-08-2019 Each Thursday: How is cheese made?

Discover the secrets of cheese-making and taste each stage in the process. #grandeurnature

Weekly activities

01-12-2018 - 01-12-2019 Swiss Model Train Museum

Historic collection representing 150 years of Swiss railways (over 1,300HO scale models).

01-06-2019 - 30-09-2019 Exposition de peinture Cécile Dauriac-Vuibert

Painting Exposition Cécile Dauriac-Vuibert from 1st of June To September 30, 2019

09-06-2019 - 29-03-2020 BIENALSUR CRANS-MONTANA

Artistic itinerary featuring a selection of 6 works by leading international artists accessible until 29 March 2020 between Lens and Crans-Montana

22-06-2019 - 29-09-2019 Bibi's House

Bibi welcomes children of all ages to his home, which is situated on the golf course throughout the winter. They can take part in numerous activities.

27-06-2019 - 01-09-2019 Wine tasting on the Er de Lens mountain pasture with the Tambourin cellar

Come and share some time together in the middle of the Lens mountain pasture...

10-07-2019 - 28-09-2019 Yoga for all, All to yoga

Yoga Chic and "Bella Lui" Youth Hostel have teamed up to offer yoga classes on Thursdays and Saturdays in the summer, from 08:00 to 09:00.

13-07-2019 - 25-08-2019 Grandeur Nature

Grandeur Nature offers a programme of organised activities that are free for everyone. #grandeurnature

18-07-2019 - 22-08-2019 Jeudredis afterwork

Thursday is almost the weekend? Join us in a relaxed environment in Arnouva!

25-07-2019 - 02-12-2019 Château de Vaas

Take a tour of the Château de Vaas, the "House of Cornalins", a historic building in the heart of a typical hamlet.

27-07-2019 - 27-09-2019 Exhibition: Alessandra Placucci

Exhibition: Alessandra Placucci, Art Crans-Montana.

27-07-2019 - 28-09-2019 Exhibition by Céline Chroulet

Exhibition by Céline Chroulet, Art Crans-Montana.

27-07-2019 - 28-09-2019 Exhibition - Gouget

He climbs for pleasure and tells it on canvas.

27-07-2019 - 28-09-2019 Exhibition - Boutet

Modernité et classicisme. Complexité de la technologie mariée à la rusticité des outils traditionnels Boutet crée la sculpture digitale!

27-07-2019 - 28-09-2019 Jerlef

pop art

27-07-2019 - 26-10-2019 Art Gallery Crans-Montana

Art Crans-Montana offers you internationally renowned artists


29-06-2019 - 07-09-2019 Taste for nature

Enjoy an exceptional excursion with a winemaker

05-07-2019 - 24-10-2019 Yurt in Alpage de Corbyre

Spend an unforgettable moment in a Mongolian yurt on the Alpage de Corbyre.

01-08-2019 - 24-08-2019 Tombola Amérique du Nord

Tentez de remporter un voyage aux Etats-Unis ou au Canada.

01-08-2019 - 20-09-2019 Vegan Experience

Dès le mois d’août, venez déguster des plats végan à l’Hostellerie du Pas de l’Ours.

Omega European Masters

29-08-2019 - 01-09-2019

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Omega European Masters
  • Terrace Festival


    Plus d'infos
    Terrace Festival
  • 15th Fiat 500 & Vespa International Meeting

    24-08-2019 - 25-08-2019

    Plus d'infos
    15th Fiat 500 & Vespa International Meeting
  • SWISS MADE CULTURE : Fashion Talk with Fashion Heads | 10 ans de mode à la HEAD - Genève


    Plus d'infos
    SWISS MADE CULTURE : Fashion Talk with Fashion Heads | 10 ans de mode à la HEAD - Genève

    24-08-2019 - 25-08-2019

    Plus d'infos
  • Restructuring Mountain Farm Buildings in the Engadine


    Plus d'infos
    Restructuring Mountain Farm Buildings in the Engadine
  • World XR Crans-Montana Forum 2019

    05-09-2019 - 09-09-2019

    Plus d'infos
    World XR Crans-Montana Forum 2019
  • SWISS MADE CULTURE : Le dictionnaire amoureux de l'esprit français


    Plus d'infos
    SWISS MADE CULTURE : Le dictionnaire amoureux de l'esprit français
  • Les Surprises du Cerveau


    Plus d'infos
    Les Surprises du Cerveau
  • CMClassics - Duo bandonéon-violon


    Plus d'infos
    CMClassics - Duo bandonéon-violon
  • Le Temps du Cornalin


    Plus d'infos
    Le Temps du Cornalin

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